LulzSec [Albania] use ForumConverter extend to hack WP

Hackers from LulzSec [Albania] use ForumConverter extend to hack in to

You can read article about LulzSec attack here: Lulzsec attack

Crayon Syntax Highlighter – Best code highlighter

Previously i use SyntaxHighlighter Evolved but now i found better one: Crayon Syntax Highlighter

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Infinity by

Take a look for Infinity theme. This is our new theme.

Download Infinity WordPress Theme


Google Plus Badge

Google Plus Badge

Google Plus Badge it’s a advanced slider (retioSlider) Google+ Badge for google+ pages.

Google Plus Badge require jQuery 1.4+

SN Facebook Like

SN Facebook Like

SN Facebook Like it’s a advanced slider (retioSlider) with Facebook Like Box or Like Button.

SN Facebook Like require jQuery 1.4+

SN Google Plus

SN Google Plus

Google Plus Button with advanced slider (retioSlider).

SN Google Plus require jQuery 1.4+