115 West 30th Street, Chelsea, New York, NY


Decorating My Room

On September 1st, 2015 I reached another important landmark in my life: I moved to the United States to start my college education. I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil, that although it is a big city, it was not big enough to fit my ambitions, so I hopped on a plane to Boston, MA. I got to Boston with a smile on my face and a knot on my stomach because I realize there is no going back now.

So here is another landmark: this is my first time ever living a dorm, or anywhere that is not my parents’ house really. I share a room with one other girl, who would, later on, become my best friend, and the first thing I notice is we both have bunk beds, which is off-putting, to say the least. There is another thing I notice when we move in: she has a lot of stuff. Pictures from her family, a colorful bed set, two tiny armoires so she can display her artwork, posters, tapestries and just so much stuff. My side of the room, on the other hand, looks like a lifeless habitation. It looks empty and sad. I can tell my roommate noticed that too because she gives me a sorry smile. I have flashbacks to my room back at home, or former home now I guess, in Brazil. My white wall with horse drawings my sister painted, my bookshelf, my huge mirror and unexplained objects that I collected over the years like a crown made of shells. My Boston room looks unwelcoming and naked compared to my old room.

The semester goes by and my walls are still empty and I start avoiding my room because who would want to be in a lifeless environment? Thanksgiving comes and I decide I can’t-do this anymore. I print pictures from my friends back at home, my mom sends me my old blanket and my sisters send me some new paintings. I buy books and improvise a bookshelf. I get all the unexplainable things I collected through my semester and it feels like I can breathe again in my room.

Thanksgiving is over and my roommate comes back to our dorm room, the first thing she says was: it finally looks like some lives here. She gives me not a sorry smile, but a full on one. We go out together now and buy plants and posters we both like and finish decorating our dorm room. Now it looks like both of us, best friends, live there.